**NFR is only 31 days away!!** Cue panic mode because you haven't chosen your outfits yet

How is it already November?! Does anybody else feel like time is flying?! Dare I say it'll be Christmas before we know it... which means that there are only 31 days until the NFR! 

Whose all attending? Who all wishes they could attend? That's me. I'm going to make it happen next year... if I keep telling myself this it'll come true right? Haha. Have you chosen your outfits and packed your suitcase yet? I thought I'd throw together a little style guide if you don't like wearing dresses in the winter months like myself. I feel like, myself included, I need to wear a dress to feel totally dressed up. Well if you don't like dresses that isn't true! Let's be real December is cold, but yet you still want to be stylish right? 

Here are a couple items that you can dress up so easily that are definitely Vegas worthy! 

1. Your favourite jumpsuit. Jumpsuits have been very popular the last couple seasons! It's very easy to dress them up as well. Take the black velvet jumpsuit on this website. You can easily pair it with your favourite kimono to add some colour and a unique pattern, your biggest and baddest squash blossom, and the cutest (and comfiest!) pair of booties or peep toe heels. It's as easy as that!

2. Striped bell bottom pants. I am still so obsessed with this trend! These are on the way finally, it was quite the struggle to find a wholesale company that still had these in stock! It's a unique look that is so classy and will really make you stand out in a crowd! Again very easy to dress up! I'm all about stripes and lace lately, so you could easily pair these pants with a daring lace long sleeve top. Concho belts are also a piece that I feel like are going to be a hot item for a long time. A leather fringe necklace would look great with the lace top, and layer it with a mini squash. Pair it with your favourite booties, perhaps the turquoise Bobby Jean Bootie from Miss Macie! 

3. Wide leg trousers. I saw a pair of Wrangler trousers recently that are oh so cute! A bada** graphic tee will go with these trousers well, and your favourite buck-stitch belt and belt buckle (that you've possibly won?!). Add a pop of colour with a velvet blazer or aztec cardigan for those cooler nights. Some Navajo pearls would look great with this look as well. Shoutout to Turquoise n Teepees for the cutest little squash necklace and Navajo pearl beaded choker. I often layer these pieces together and add one more longer necklace for lots of dimension. 

4. Rompers. We all know the dilemma with rompers, but they are so comfortable and can be very dressy as well. Long sleeve rompers are a thing, and get one with a gorgeous bell sleeve for some added western flare. There's a gorgeous red long sleeve romper on this site, that can easily be paired with some tall boots, and a fringe duster too! 

So if you don't like wearing dresses in the winter months like myself, don't worry you don't need to to still dress up for the NFR! There are so many western looks that are so gorgeous that you can easily let your own style shine through in each look you choose. The main thing is that you feel confident and comfortable. What do you think are going to the trends this year at the NFR? 

For those that are going, I look forward to seeing your outfits and everyone's amazing style shining through! For those that aren't like myself, let's bring NFR worthy outfits to more local events! I did this on the weekend and turned some heads but it was great! I paired some vintage Wranglers from Wild Prairie Outpost with an Ariat lace long sleeve top, and the Faux Fur Vest from this website! It was a Harvest Ladies Night event, and I felt so stylish and comfortable! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! :)


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